How to Product Launch Effectively

Once the product is ready its fate depends upon two things. First thing is the product creation itself and second thing is the product launching. If either of the two things is not satisfactory the product can not perform well. For the product to succeed the platform should be strong enough to give the necessary boost to the product. The final thrust to the product can be provided with lucrative product launching.

Although the fate of the product starts to decide from the very first day the product creation starts, but when the product comes in the market its initial success depends upon how the product is launched and customers queries solved. The more the customers come in confidence initially more is the sale of the product. Although lucrative product launching can only be a platform rest of the product sale is decided by the product quality and utility.

For Lucrative product launching some things need to be planned well in advance. The product should have something new that is not in the present products or it should be able to eliminate shortcomings of current products. All these points should be highlighted in the product launching.

Though all the features should be projected, it should be tried that some of the features are kept secret that should be reveled during the launching. This will keep the interest of the people and helps in initial sales of the product.

For lucrative product launching some goodies should be provided to the customers. Use of free gifts or early bird prizes also helps the company. Other successful key is to give extended service or warranty on the product this demonstrates your confidence on the product and helps taking customers also in confidence.

The Long and Windy Road of One Woman’s Experience Launching an Online Business

Just because you build it doesn’t mean they will come. I learned this the “hard’ way. Getting into an online business is not as easy as some would lead you to believe. In fact those ads you see on starting an online business for free are just not the whole truth. I don’t mean to be negative or bad mouth those well meaning entrepreneurs; but the truth of the matter is setting up an online business is no easy feat. Especially if one is not so technically inclined. Don’t get me wrong, anyone can do it if they have the patience, fortitude, and the tenacity to keep going regardless of how many road blocks they hit.

In all fairness there are some really great mentors and coaches out there, who have courses for sale that will give you step by step instructions for getting online and I have been privileged to follow a few for only a few hundred dollars (told you it isn’t free). But what these courses didn’t tell me is that not everything works as planned. I lost many days trying to create sales pages using a “free” html drag & drop tool that turned out to be blowing away code every time I changed views. Or that merchant sites have the right to tell you what can and cannot be in your “pitch” page; fair enough but when that thing is your main drawing card and doesn’t contravene any laws or not in poor taste, it hurts. (I wanted to advertise that the proceeds from my product were going to two of my favourite charities)

And then there is the cost factor, domain name, hosting services, web site design, Search Engine Optimization, (who knew there was a charge for that), and merchant fees, and so on, and so on. It is amazing how much money one can spend while sitting in their PJs drinking coffee, all in the name of free internet enterprise entrepreneur.

Then the big day finally arrives, your e-book is ready, pitch page is up and running, you bank account is linked to the merchant all ready to accept those money making transactions; and you wait, and wait, and wait. Still no money…so how exactly does this “viral explosion” work?

In fact not only is there no buying or selling, there isn’t even traffic going to the site (pitch page), you check “Google analytics”; uhmm map show visits from around the globe but they are bouncing right off again; what’s that about?

So just because I built it doesn’t mean they came (where is Kevin Costner when you need him). Back to the drawing board maybe I missed a step or a lesson or maybe I need another course. I’m sure someone is making money out there, living the dream as they say. So being the dog with a bone that I am here I go again; stay tuned I’ll keep you posted on how I do.

Who Loves Money The Diamond of Internet Marketing Products – Who Loves Money Review

Who Loves Money the latest product launched by the well know internet marketers and affiliate marketers Kyle and Carson. These two pillars of the internet marketing business are the names behind the Wealthy Affiliate brand and various other top selling products like Beating AdWords and Inside the List.

The latest product Who Loves Money will be release on the 1st of May 2007 and has generated a significant buzz around the internet marketer community. According to Kyle and Carson, Who Loves Money is their pride and joy. The duo have promised some pretty big things from the Who Loves Money eBook, including teaching people to become much better marketers and get to the top of their game.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Who Loves Money product is that it promises to teach techniques that are zero risk, and can be implemented without investing a dime of your own money. Now I have being into these type of products for a while and most of them require a fairly substantial outlay of funds. So I for one will be very eager to read and learn these techniques.

The book mainly focuses on how to identify niches and demonstrates a niche that generated over $60 per minute, now who would not like a niche like that, I know I would. They promise a penny pincher technique which I know many of affiliate marketers would love as nowadays with the ever increasing price of PPC ads and various other promotion methods the affiliate marketing game is becoming increasingly expensive and the barriers to entry for new budding marketers are becoming higher.

This book should be an essential addition to all budding and experienced internet marketers. Few products if any have generated the pre launch buzz that this products has so all we can do wait and see what all the fuss is about
In conclusion I for one am eagerly anticipation the launch of the Who loves Money eBook and will be looking feverishly looking for reviews on the Who Loves Money eBook when its is finally launched on 1st May. If the eBook delivers what Kyle and Carson promise then this will be a true diamond for any internet marketer.